I want to thank everyone who supported my candidacy, volunteered, and contributed. I very much appreciate it. I received 1% of the vote, which is typical for a third-party or independent candidate. I had hoped to do better. Nonetheless, I was able to spread the message of liberty through candidate forums, print advertisement, and social media to many beyond those who voted for me. My Senate/Assembly opponents spent over $1 million, while I was only able to spend a little over $1,000. The struggle for liberty has never been easy, but it's always been worth it.

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My grandparents came to America in the early 1900’s to escape the poverty of Southern Italy. They brought with them a culture where problems were solved, and opportunities were created, by working voluntary with family, friends, neighbors, and mutual aid societies in their communities. To them, government’s primary role was to protect their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet the more the two traditional parties have used government to intervene in business, education, healthcare, and transportation, the worse things have gotten. 45% of the registered voters in District 39 are Unaffiliated! They are the politically homeless and are tired of hearing the two traditional parties promise to reform programs, control spending, and reduce taxes. In this Senate race, the politically homeless have a third choice--me. I will tackle the reforms needed to the big-ticket spending programs in the state budget. And I will use the savings to reduce state taxes and debt.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to those who helped me distribute my door hangers to the voters registered as Unaffiliated in District 39 towns: Kenneth Kaplan(Mahwah), Jason McKenna (Oakland), me (Washington Township). Thanks in advance to Pete Rohrman (Ramsey) and Dori Goikhman (Demarest) for their commitment to distribute door hangers in those towns. When done, we will have distributed to 1000 unaffiliated households with over 1600 unaffiliated voters.

Murphy's massive tax increase won't solve our problems

Connecticut's Budget Mess Shows That States Can't Tax Themselves to Prosperity

"Coming on the heels of two of the largest tax increases in state history—lawmakers raised taxes by $1.5 billion in 2011 and then hiked them by another $1.2 billion in 2015—seems to have been too much to ask." Take note New Jerseyians. Phil Murphy's massive tax increase won't solve our problems. And it certainly won't be the last increase, unless we start dealing with our out-of-control spending. He won't. As a state senator, I will.

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Please donate to my campaign by clicking on:…/336082/tosone-for-nj-senate. Unlike the two old parties, I will get very little free media from mainstream newspapers, radio, and TV. And Big Business and Big Labor will direct their money to my two old party opponents. For my message to get out to those looking for a third choice, I need support from you.

In addition to Donations by Credit Card, you can also Donate by Check. Make check payable to "Tosone for NJ Senate." Mail to: Tosone for NJ Senate, 690 Kennedy Drive, Twp. of Washington, NJ 07676. To help us comply with campaign finance regulations, please include with your check your first name, last name, address, occupation, employer name, and note that you are legally able to contribute to political campaigns.