Re-Legalize Marijuana and end the Failed War on Drugs



The world is catching up with the Libertarian Party, which since the 1970’s has supported re-legalizing marijuana and ending the failed war on drugs. Eight states and the District of Columbia have already re-legalized marijuana.



To restore freedom and reduce costs:

  • Restore the right of people, who are causing no harm to others, to use marijuana without fear that their life, liberty, and property will be threatened by the state.

  • Curtail the abuses of our civil liberties (pretextual traffic stops, warrantless no-knock raids by SWAT teams, civil asset forfeiture, and coercive plea bargains) associated with the failed war on drugs.


  • Use the savings from state police, prosecutors, courts, and prisons to reduce the state sales tax burden.

  • Use savings at the county and local level to reduce the county and local portions of property taxes.