Better Schools through Choice and Competition



37% of the state budget ($14 billion) goes to public schools. In addition, for many homeowners, two-thirds of their property taxes go to local schools. It is clear that public school spending is enormously expensive. Education is a product and a service; as such, the best quality at a reasonable cost is achieved through choice and competition.



To lower cost while maintaining or improving quality:

  • Freeze state-level funding at 2015 levels

  • Allocate state-level funding equally among NJ students, which will increase the funding going to parents in District 39

  • Have the money go to the parent, who can choose to use the funds for a traditional public school, charter school, or private school

  • Allow tax credits for school-related expenses on state income tax
  •  Allow tax-exempt Education Savings Accounts


  • Use the savings from these fixes to reduce the state income tax burden.
  • Use the increase in District 39 funding to reduce the school portion of property taxes.